This page contains all available documents for the Villas at Northville Hills Condominium Association. This includes legal documents, rules and forms. All files are in posted in pdf format.


Below are the Villas at Northville Hills Condo Association By-Laws.


Below are the current year's financials for the Villas at Northville Hills Condo Association.

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Meeting Minutes

Below are links to all approved meeting minutes. Meeting minutes are not posted until they are approved by the board. Annual meeting minutes are in bold and special Meeting minutes are denoted by italics.

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2014 Jan, Mar, May, May Presentation, Jul, Aug, Nov, Dec
2013 Jan, Apr, May, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Nov, Nov-21,
2012 Jan, Feb, May, May, Jun, Jun-26 Jul Aug Sep, Sep-29, Oct, Nov, Nov, Dec
2011 Feb, Mar, Apr, May, May-17, Jun, Jul Sep, Oct, Dec
2010 Jan, Feb, Mar, May, Jun, Jun Att, Sep, Oct, Nov 3rd, Nov 8th,
2009 Jul, Aug, , Oct, Nov, Dec.

Information Update Letters

Below are copies of our Information Update Letters.

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